1 Week Away!!!

My first blog post in a blog that will focus on updating my life in Costa Rica.  I am exactly one week away from leaving the U.S and heading to Costa Rica to teach English.  My plan is to stay there for a full school year, but I am also not sure what may or could happen.  I will be taking a month long class for the month of November in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  Montezuma is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, on the southern
tip.  It is a small beach town and relatively remote.  I’m not sure if it is where I will end up teaching English because from what I read it is difficult to find a paying job among beach communities (a lot are volunteer) because they are a few and far between.  I can’t say that I am not nervous because I am, but I am also very excited.  I am excited for the experience of living in a new country and for anything that may happen whether it be good or bad.


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