My Last Night in the United States

Tonight is my last night in the United States before I leave for Costa Rica.  Obviously my dinner had to be pizza with the one and only Jaclyn Palazzolo.  I have an 6:11 am flight tomorrow with a layover in Florida and should arrive in Costa Rica by 12ish.  Costa Rican time is two hours behind ours.  I’m pretty much done packing, still have a few straggling items, such as my laptop.  It actually took me longer than I expected to pack because my suitcase was well over 50 pounds and there was no way I was paying the fee, so it took me a while to cut it below 50.  I had to settle on bringing another carry-on other than my backpack, initially I didn’t want to do this.  Anyway, I am extremely excited and also nervous about tomorrow.  I don’t know if it has quite yet hit me. I feel as if preparing for this experience is similar to going off to college for the first time.  There are so many unknowns it is impossible to prepare for them all.  One thing I will have to remember as I move forward is, what was once uncomfortable and unfamiliar is the comfort zone in which I now reside.  It is easy to forget the feelings of uncertainty we once felt because it has been a while since we felt them.  Just how at first, the first week of college was filled with figuring things out, my first week in Costa Rica will be the same.  As college progressed I became use to the new environment.  I’m hoping I will be able to get use to living in Costa Rica.


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