Arrived in Costa Rica!!!!

Exhausted and depleted of energy.  I have safely arrived in Costa Rica and to the Hostel that I am spending the night in(Hostel Maleku).  The flights weren’t bad, however I could not sleep because of my anticipation and arrival to Costa Rica.  The first flight I actually couldn’t sleep because I sat next to a huge lady who took up more space then she payed for and the second flight, I didn’t really try because I met two awesome people; Mike and Shaina. They had started their own production company and were on their way to Costa Rica to film a promo for a travel agency (Under30Experiences).  So, for the most part of the second flight I was busy talking to them.

Arrived at Hostel  Maleku via $5 taxi ride from the Aeropuerto about 30 min ago.  I received a nice little tour of the small hostel by the friendly lady at the desk and now I am sitting in my room deciding what to do.  The room is nice, neat, clean and has a full sized bed that.  I’m going to be staying in it by myself because I chose a private room, however it could technically hold three people.  I would say the only drawback of the Hostel, is that the room I have is situated on a pretty busy road; since they don’t  have windows there is a lot of vehicular noise coming from outside.  Hopefully it lessens later, but also hopefully I am able to pass out.  I may take a nap now, but I am also hungry.  It is only 12:28 here so I have the whole day to do something, but I’m also wary about wandering around alone. Adios.


1 thought on “Arrived in Costa Rica!!!!

  1. I know you're tired but GRAMMAR Joseph, grammar. (Joe's Costa Rica Adventure, “more space THAN she paid for..”) But everything sounds great so far! Take a nap, maybe walk around the block for some adventure haha.


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