Happy Halloween from Montezuma

 Halloween in Costa Rica is not the same as it is in the states especially when you are traveling all day, but I happened to find Jack Skellington.

Today I finally arrived in Montezuma after spending most of the traveling.  The trip to Montezuma was a three part journey that consisted of a shuttle ride from San Jose to a ferry, a ferry ride, a shuttle from the ferry to Montezuma.  This morning I left the hostel around 8:15 ish.  From there we picked three other people, one couple from Austria and a lady who now lives in Costa Rica and was on her was back to the town over from Montezuma.  It was about an hour in a half drive to the ferry, which is located in Puntarenas.  The drive wasn’t bad at all because we were on a highway the whole way.  We arrived at the ferry around 10:20 ish and had to wait forty minutes until it was leaving at 11.  Once we were on the ferry it was about a hour and half ride.  On the ferry I met a very interesting guy who was from France and was backpacking through Costa Rica for five weeks.  He has been traveling for twelve years and has been to over twenty countries.  In France he works as a chef and works for a five month contract; takes two to three months off and then goes back to France to work for another five months.  I don’t really understand it.  Anyway, after the Ferry we got on another shuttle.  The shuttle ride from the Ferry to Montezuma was about another hour and a half ride and was a lot more wild then the first part.  We were driving through the jungle.  At one point the paved road stopped and we had to drive on a dirt road.  After six hours of traveling I arrived in Montezuma around 2:30.  Montezuma is a town unlike any town I have ever been in before.  Pictures make it look bigger than it is, but it is small.  There is one street running through the center of town that is about 100 yards long lined with shops.  The place I am staying at is called Proyecto Lodge and is about a 10 to 15 min walk along a dirt road back to town.  It is hot, humid and buggy so that is all I can write for now.  Happy Halloween!!

View from Proyecto Lodge


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