Surfing in Montezuma

There are two spots relatively close to Montezuma that have great surfing.  One spot is called Playa Grande and I have never been there.  The other spot is called Cedros and it is the spot where I surf.  Cedros breaks left because of this it is perfect for me. I ride goofy.  In order to get to Cedros it takes about a 25-30  min walk along a dirt road through the jungle.  From what I hear, Cedros has the best surf the hours following high tide.  For a couple of reasons the surf spot is unlike anything I have surfed before.  For one, it is a reef break, so when you’re out in the water there is reef below you rather than sand.  Second, the prime area to catch the waves is only about 15yards long, compared to the whole beach at lido.  There are two rocks in the water that mark where the best position to be is; to the left of the rocks are more rocks that run the length to the shore so catching a wave would be perilous; just to the right of the rocks is the perfect place.  The break is so fun because it is a slow left (about 125 yards out) that breaks to the shore.  The water is warm, maybe too warm sometimes.  I could be out there all day and not get cold.  Unfortunately I do not have any pictures because my phone or camera will get stolen if left on the beach.    


1 thought on “Surfing in Montezuma

  1. Me and my sister Emily(your South Side class mate) are going to be in touch with you because we want to do something like this!!!


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