First Scorpion and Skunk Sighting

Within the past three hours I have come across a skunk and a scorpion, both of which were in places you do not want them to be.  I saw the skunk while I was making dinner in the kitchen.  The scorpion was in the bathroom.  Looking back on the situation I was probably more freaked out about the skunk because I was in the middle of cooking dinner and did not want to get sprayed; I also did not want the skunk to eat the food I was making, since I was backed into a corner freaking out.  There was only one exit, the door and the stove is right next to the door.

The scorpion was brought to my attention through my neighbor screaming, “JOEEEEEEEE, THERE”S A SCORPION IN THE BATHROOM (we share a bathroom).”  After 15 minutes of freaking out and keeping an eye on it, we decided to try to get it out.  It was at first difficult, because it had climbed onto the back of the leg of the bathroom hutch thingy.  After a couple of failed attempts, I knocked it off the hutch, covered it with a bowl, maneuvered a notebook underneath it, picked it up and threw it outside into the garden.  Hopefully it doesn’t come back.

Also, the geckos make a really weird chirping sound and they are everywhere.  It is similar to one of the sounds velociraptors make in Jurassic Park.

1 thought on “First Scorpion and Skunk Sighting

  1. That's nuts. Almost crazier than the time we saw that shape shifting reptilian named DHamm crawl in to the Rodney bathrooms


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