Second and Third Week of TEFL in Review

Three weeks of TEFL completed!!Time is flying by.  My second week in the program went great and consisted of the bulk of my teaching.  I taught for my first time on Nov 12 to the Beg A class as I have already mentioned in a blog post.  On Nov 13 I taught the Intermediate C class for the first time, from 9:30 to 11:00 and later taught the Beginner A class from 4:30 to 4:30.  Teaching the Intermediate C class was a completely different experience than teaching the Beginner A class. The students in the intermediate class are able to understand almost everything in English.  You can talk to them, for the most part as if you were talking to one of your friends.  The class I taught was a really fun class because I had the opportunity to teach them English slang.  Now when I see them around town they sometimes use the slang they learned in conversation; it is always funny.  On Friday, Nov 15, Kristin and I co-taught the Intermediate C class; it was a review class so we decided to play Jeopardy.  Not all of them knew what it was when we first introduced it, but they all had a great time playing it and absolutely loved it.

This past week of TEFL was probably my easiest week, we finished all the modules in the previous weeks so there was no new material to learn. I taught once on Nov 14 to the Beginner A class and on Nov 20 helped the students in the Intermediate C class on Nov 20 edit and go over a dialogue they had to write.  The dialogue was an exam in which it had to include 20 lines, 3 slang words, 2 homophones, 2 homonyms and 2 idioms.  On Nov 21 and today (Nov 22) we were suppose to go to the school in Cabuya, however school was cancelled, so we obviously could not go.  It’s amazing how fast time goes and it’s incredible that there is only a week left of the course.


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