Nicaragua day 2 (Granada)

Chillin in Granada, Nicaragua. The  day started wonderfully because of the breakfast that included pancakes along with bananas and watermelon.    After breakfast out plan was to go to the Masaya markets. We showered, got ready and walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop. The bus stop was a patch of dirt land, with four old yellow school busses lined with a couple of shanty market stalls. In the bus there were a plethora of older lady’s selling baked goods and drinks. Of course I bought some fried zepole thing with cheese for two cordobas (the Nicaraguan currency). 25 cordobas is one US dollar. The bus may have been the slowest vehicle I have ever been in; I’m not sure if it was because there was a guy hanging on the back shouting “Masaya Masaya Masaya.” I am one hundred percent positive I could have pushed the bus faster. We stopped close to 80 times; the ride took close to an hour. I can’t say that it wasn’t interesting. The market was a complex labyrinth of passages and walkways, outside yet inside. Endless alleys with endless shops, impossible to tell what direction you’re heading. People constantly bombarding you with questions and items. Josh and I lost Kristin and Amelia, we thought we’d never find them again. We didn’t. Just kidding, after getting food and aimlessly walking we happened cross them! After three hours ducking and weaving we emerged into daylight around 3ish. Got back on a bus back to Granada; a women came on holding a full birthday cake. Can’t say that I was surprised. On the way back we stopped at this hostel called Paradiso. It was on a crater lake and it was absolutely gorgeous.  Left my camera there, luckily the hostel we were staying at in Granada was their sister hostel so I was able to get it back in the morning via shuttle. Later that night we went to this bar/club around 10. For 8 dollars it was open bar until two. I made much use of it. It was difficult getting up this morning. 


1 thought on “Nicaragua day 2 (Granada)

  1. hope you get me something cool from all these markets!!!!


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