Nicaragua day 3 (San Juan del Sur)

On Sunday we left Granada and took an hour an a half to two hour taxi ride to San Juan del Sur. San Juan del Sur is a decent sized town on the Pacific Ocean. Our plan was to stay at this hostel called the Naked Tiger and participate in this thing called Sunday funday. They go to a couple of pools, BBQ and then go out to the bars. However, it was full when we got there so we stayed in a different hostel called Estrella. Estrella was in town right on the ocean with a beautiful view. We also didn’t participate in the Sunday funday thing because we we’re beat from the night before and we needed to get lunch. We checked into Estrella around 215ish and the other thing started at 230, so we didn’t have time. Instead we were chillin outside relaxing all cool, shooting some bball outside the school. Nahh jk, we went to this place and got lunch and watched some football. Afterwards we watched the end of what looked like a youth volleyball tournament, got some ice cream and went back to the hostel around 7 to nap. At 10 we went back out, got a couple of drinks and took it pretty easy the rest of the night. Woke up at 7, left for the border at 745 and got on a bus to Montezuma at 930 to repeat the same process as getting to Nicaragua.


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