Back in Costa Rica

I’m back in Costa Rica but this time I’m staying in Heredia aka la Ciudad de Los Flores. Although so far, I haven’t seen much flowers. Heredia is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, a couple of miles north of San Jose. It is a pretty industrialized city and is one hundred times different than Montezuma. 

I arrived yesterday around 730pm (830 US time) after a pretty interesting day of traveling. My flight was scheduled to leave at 950 but did not leave until about 

1130. I arrived at the airport at 730 to a scene of chaos and utter confusion.  People were yelling, cursing and kicking each other to get a spot in line. Unfortunately a lot of the older people did not make it.  Not really, but there were hordes of people everywhere. 

 I stood in a line that I assumed was the baggage line, luckily it was. It took about an hour an a half to get through.  After that, went through security, it took only 10min. Then, waited for my flight which at the time was scheduled to leave at 11.  It continued to be pushed back until we finally left at 1134. I arrived in Florida at 304 and waited a half hour until boarding the next plane (it was actually the same plane). Originally the connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 152, luckily it did not. Finally, around 6ish I arrived in Costa Rica.  

 Went through customs, received a 90 day visa this time! Picked up my bag from the carousel and then found a taxi to take me to the hostel.  The hostel I’m staying in is called, Travel Dream Place. It is not bad but it’s also not the best. They don’t serve any form of breakfast in the morning which is upsetting and so far my computer can’t connect to Wifi, which is annoying. However, atleast my flight did not get cancelled yesterday and I did make it hear safely and alive. 

Next step, interview tomorrow! with a language institute called Intercultura. Intercultura is located in Heredia and is only a 10 min wall from the hostel.  Any more information you may desire can be found at 


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