Life In Color

This past weekend, on Saturday I went to a concert called Life in Color and it was phenomenal.  Side note:  In the states it use to be called Dayglow but changed its name in 2012 to appeal to a global market.  Life in Color features performances from electronic artists who are joined by acrobats as they spray colored paint at you.  The paint spraying started at 8 and lasted until the end of the concert at 12.  I went with one of the teachers, Caryn, her husband and three of his friends.  We arrived to the venue at around 6 and obviously stayed until the end.  The tickets cost $40 and drinks were super expensive at $4 a beer.  You had to buy these stupid little ticket cards that you would then use to get alcohol at the drink stand.

Before the paint

The concert itself was amazing.  Not only was there amazing music, but there was amazing looking Hispanic girls everywhere.  On top of all that, there was an endless supply of paint raining down from giant hoses on stage.  One of the craziest parts of the night came at the beginning with the first time paint shot out. We were initially too far back to receive the shower, however that changed rapidly.  Instantaneously everybody behind us started pushing forward to get to the paint and within seconds we were a solid mass of people with no control over our direction.  We got pushed left, right forward and backwards.  Forget personal space, there was none.  Some people may think, big deal, who cares about paint raining down on you for hours. Well those people have clearly never experienced paint being shot at you and are wrong.  It may sound like a weird or dumb concept, but let  me tell you, it’s not.  It’s crazy, by the end of the concert you can’t get enough of the paint, you want more paint, you want different colors of paint and you never want the music or the paint to stop.  Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the large doses of drugs I was on (just kidding, no drugs) it was amazing.

The djs who rocked the stage were:
Connor Cruise (Tom Cruise’s son believe it or not)
David Solano
Rebecca & Fiona
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
After the paint

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