My Schedule

I have been teaching for almost two months now and everything is going well. I am teaching with two different companies: the first one is Intercultura a language institute in Heredia(the city I live in and about a 20 min walk from my house), the second is Apex Corporate English and that requires me to travel to different companies to teach. My current schedule is as follows: 
Monday: Class at DHL from 12 to 1. I leave my house at 11:20 to catch the bus. I get back at around 2, make lunch and chill for a little. Then leave my house around 4 to go to Intercultura and lesson plan for my 6 to 7:30 class. Get back to my house around 8, cook dinner and chill or gather materials for the next day. My DHL class however has been really flakey and I have only had it a couple of times in the last month. Sometimes I’ll show up and they will cancel class, which is good because I still get paid. Otherwise when I don’t have the class I don’t get paid. 
Tuesday: Class from 7:30 to 9:00am at this company at subtle. The class is with one person, his name is Marco. I wake up around 6:20, get dressed and walk to the bus stop. I’m normally at the bus stop around 6:45. There is one bus that I need to catch and it is always packed. Sometimes the busses don’t even stop at the stop and drive by because they have no more room. Sometimes I’ll be in line to get on the bus but it will fill up before I can, so I have to continue to wait. It sucks. After I’m done teaching I take a bus to the Apex headquarters and take a nap and prepare materials before my next class. My next class is from 12 to 1:30 at Dole headquarters and I leave to catch the bus at 11:20.  I teach 5 Dole employees. After class, I take the bus back to my house and get there around 2:20. Depending on if I have work to do or not I’ll go to Intercultura early. If I don’t, I leave my house around 5 because I have a 6 to 730pm class.  After my 7:30 class I go to this place called Fusion Dance because I started taking dance lessons. That goes from 8 to 9:30. Afterwards I walk home, eat dinner and go to bed. 
Wednesday: My Wednesday mornings are the same as my Tuesday mornings, but instead of going to Apex I go home to take a nap and then get ready for my class at DHL. The afternoon and night is the same as it is on Mondays. I go to Intercultura to lesson plan before my night class. For the past month I have had a private student at Intercultura from 7:30 to 8:30, but I’m not sure if that is continuing. 
Thursday:  My Thursday is the same as my Tuesdays except at night I go to this local dance place called Tipico Latina with a friend of mine all night, which makes getting of on Fridays really difficult. (Blog post will come about that place)
Friday: Same morning as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, class with Marco except it’s exceptionally more difficult to get up. The only morning I will have a cup a coffee. After class, I go home, make breakfast and take a nap until about 11:30. From 12 to 1:30 I have a private class with this dude named Enzo at my house. I posted an ad on Craigslist about tutoring and he responded. Possible future Fridays may include a kids class at Intercultura from 3 to 5. I’m not sure if I want to take this on. 
Saturdays. Class at Intercultura from 9 to 12. I wake up at 7:30, make breakfast and leave my house around 8:10. After class I walk to the local market that takes place every Saturday until 3 and is amazing (future blog post on this).  After this what I do changes week to week. 
All in all I teach about 23 hours a week plus or minus a couple and get paid just about $800 dollars a month plus or minus some. 

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