Holi One!

This past weekend on Saturday I went to a music festival called Holi One.  It’s wasn’t really a music festival per-say but rather an all day concert.  The origins stems from India, and is the Indian festival of colors.  The sprinkling of colored powder or water is meant to symbolize the breaking down the barriers of discrimination, which is why the motto of the festival is “We Are One”.  In reality,  not everyone was one, because they did have VIP tickets.  The festival provided the powder, upon entry you were given three bags of colored powder.  They would mark and X on your ticket and it meant that you have received your powder.  Later in the day, we accidentally discovered that the X easily came off with a little bit of water, so we kept rubbing it off and getting more bags.  Basically we had bags on bags of colored powder.  I went with two of my friends.  We arrived around three with food and alcohol in our stomachs ready to stay until it ended at 10.  It started at 1030am but I had to work and there was no way I was going to be there for 12 hours.  Overall the concert was awesome.  There were some really good djs with Sebastian Ingrosso closing it out.  For those of you that don’t know, Sebastian Ingrosso was one of the members of Swedish House Mafia. Alcohol was cheaper than Life in Color, which again was awesome and they also allowed you to get any alcohol you wanted with ice.  This was obviously the most economical choice.  With whiskey on the rocks, colored powder, beautiful girls and good djs, Holi One is a night to remember.


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