Next stop España!

I was accepted to a teaching position in Spain!

Back in January I applied to a teaching position in Spain. There are two main programs that allow people from the US to teach on an extended student visa, auxiliares de conversacion and the BEDA program.  In both programs you are a cultural language assistant.  I applied to the BEDA program because I read better things about it. It was smaller so it’s more organized and you get paid on time. The main problem for the other one is late payments. When I applied in January I was told I was going to be contacted sometime early February for an interview. February went by and I had still not had my interview, so I was ruling out the possibility of teaching in Spain. Then about two or three weeks into March I was finally contacted about my interview!  The interview was super easy and only lasted about 10 min, if even that. They asked if I had experience teaching kids, which I do because I have a kids class; if I had experience living in another country, which I obviously do and if I was able to speak some Spanish, which I can. After the interview I was feeling pretty positive. They told me I expect to hear back from them about a week or two after Easter. Again more waiting!  After Easter I was religiously checking my email multiple times throughout the day hoping to hear back from them. It was not until last Wednesday April 30th tht I received the confirmation email. The email read, “Dear Joseph, CONGRATUALATIONS….” I was assigned to a small city called Tomelloso of about 35,000 people 2 hours south east of Madrid. I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t start until the end of August, so I will have almost two months of summer at home.  I’m leaving Costa Rica July 3rd. 


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