Rafiki: The Newest Roommate

She may look cute, but shes not. You think a dog that’s been stray all it’s life would be thankful and appreciative of having a home full of inhabitants who look after and take care of her, but she’s not. At least not to me. Amber my wonderfully awesome roommate adopted this devil. It’s actually a pretty neat story. One day she saw this dog on the street while walking home.  She brought it home and fed it. We all had class later that night so we left it in the gated area out front. When we got back the dog was gone. It had escaped, squeezing itself through a six inch wide gap in the bars.  Fast forward two weeks. Amber was checking a dog adoption page on Facebook and the little devil was posted. They contacted the place and the next day we had ourselves a dog.  For the most part she’s very well behaved but she’s recently adopted a superiority complex. She thinks she better than me, hogging our couch  while simultaneously guarding one of our armchairs. If I get too close she lunges at my feet growling and barking. It’s even worse when Ambers around. She hovers around her, eyeing anyone who dares stepping too close,protecting her like she’s a treasure from the lost ark.  I walk around the house in stilts now so she can’t get to me. Don’t be fooled by her looks. She’s evil, atleast one half of her is.




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