Loco Four Free Food

On Fridays and Saturdays Walmart, yes Walmart offers loads of free samples, from food to alcoholic drinks and even free pictures(pictured above). Calvo is a tuna fish brand.  It has become a ritual that on the walk home from school we stop at Walmart and partake and consume the free stuff they have to offer.

The food. The food samples Walmart offers changes from week to week but there is always chorizo, or sausage. They’ll have multiple people with grills offering samples promoting different brands. One week they had a yogurt sampling bar where you could try a small cup of yogurt with a variety of toppings. This past weekend they were offering a grilled tortilla with cheese in the center. It was great. They love cheese here and always offer samples of it. Cheese we’re use to like American, cheddar, pepper jack, etc is pretty expensive, but they have this chese here called “Tico cheese” and it’s reasonably priced. It’s a pretty dense cheese and it comes in cubes. It’s not sliced. It’s usually  pan fried and eaten as a side. You can’t melt it on food because it doesn’t melt. It browns on the sides and the center gets softer but it’s not like any cheese back in the states. It’s actually really good and they are always offering tons of samples of it. This past weekend, when we got our pictures taken they offered us samples of tuna salad(because it was sponsored by a tuna fish brand). They gave us a small bowl with two huge ice cream scoops of the tuna salad. I literally didn’t eat dinner that night because I had eaten so many samples. One weekend they were offering the most insane sample I had ever seen. They were literally giving away a shish-kabob of food. On the stick was a peice of meat followed by an onion or pepper followed by another peice of meat again followed by an onion or pepper topped with cheese. I had to wait like 10 min but it was well worth it because while I was waiting they were also offering samples of breaded chicken in a homemade honey mustard sauce. The chef was super friendly and offered me like 3 or 4 peices. That’s the food aspect of sample Fridays and Saturdays.
The drinks. On top of offering food they also offer samples of drinks. Recently they’ve been having this four loko craze [they must give just started importing it] and while I don’t necessarily like four loko I can’t refuse a free sample. They also offer samples of beer and sometimes of liquor. Once I sampled baileys and some Central American rum. Alcoholic drinks aren’t the only drink samples. They sometimes do fruit drinks or lemonade or iced tea. It all depends on the week.
Think of it like Cotsco samples on steroids.

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  1. Did you get Four Free Foods?


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