Hours until Departure

In a few hours I will be leaving for Spain to embark on a new journey as an English teacher abroad.  I have had an amazing summer and an amazing time at home these past two months with friends and family.  I leave JFK tonight at 7:10 and arrive in Madrid at 8:20 am.  It’s a 7 hour 20 min flight.  It will be the first time I am traveling to Europe, and the first time I experience jet lag.  Other than the jet lag part I am extremely excited.  I look forward to traveling and experiencing the diverse regions of Spain and other European countries.  I arrive in Madrid on the 2nd, and then have orientation for the teaching program on the 4th and 5th  (my birthday!) somewhere in the outskirts of Madrid.  I’ll have to figure out how to take the metro to get there.  I will spend the weekend in Madrid and then go to the city where I will be teaching (Tomelloso).  From what I’ve read Tomelloso is about two hours south of Madrid.  The population is around 35,000 and that’s pretty much all I know about it.  Unlike Costa Rica,  I already have my job set up and the amount of hours I will be working.  I have 18 hours a week and will be making 877 Euro a month.  I’m excited and nervous but looking forward to all the new things I will see and the new people I will meet.  Hope you enjoy!

(The Red Dot)
(The Red Dot)

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