Tonno visits Madrid!

Last weekend one of my best friends, Pat Tonno visited Madrid! He was traveling around Europe with a friend of his for a month and ended his journey in Madrid to visit me.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to visit my town because it is too far away from Madrid, so I went there. During his time around Europe, it was awesome to have a friend from back home in the same time zone to talk with.  Because of the 6 hour time difference my friends usually aren’t up when I am in the morning. It’s very unfamiliar being in another country with your friends because we’r so accustomed to seeing and knowing each other  back at home, but it’s really cool.  It puts things in another perspective.  Since it was the end of their long backpacking journey we didn’t do anything strenuous during the day, just caught up and chilled, saved our energy for the night. Friday night was a late night out at the bars and Saturday would have been a late night out at the bars, but ended earlier than anticipated because of me. All in all it was great fun.  I couldn’t have been happier to see him.



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