SOS 4.8 Music Fesitval

This past weekend I went to SOS music festival in Murcia.  Murcia is about a 2 and a half hour drive south east of where I am living.  Two weeks before the music festival I was drinking with a friend and a couple of his friends; they said they were going to a music festival and asked if I wanted to come along. I love music and I love festivals so of course I said yes.  I didn’t know who was going to be there, only that it was alternative music.  However, I almost didn’t go when I found out what the price of the hotel for two nights (I’m not going to say it); it was way more than I would have ever wanted to spend and the most I have spent on a hotel for two nights.  There were no other options because it was right before the festival , but after thinking about it and speaking with Jaclyn I decided to go for it.  Money comes and goes, but experiences stay with you for a life time.

The festival lasted for two days, from Friday until Sunday.  On both days it started at 6 or 7 (I’m not sure) and went until 6 in the morning.  We arrived to Murcia on Friday around 3.  I drove with a friend and two of her friends, but they weren’t going to the festival Friday; we were meeting 3 other girls there who were. When we arrived we ate lunch and drank some beers.  We ended up not seeing the other girls until after (the ones I was going to the festival with), but I still had my bag because we never stopped at the hotel, so I had to go to the hotel to drop off my bag.  While all this was happening the other three went to the festival.  It was my first time in Murcia so I knew where nothing was, luckily my friend decided to take a taxi with me to the hotel and back.  We then met some other people at a bar and I walked to the festival alone to try and meet up with the girls.

Once there, I found them, but it didn’t last long.  We were soon separated and we stay separated for the remainder of the night.  This is mostly because I stayed at the smaller DJ stage.  I love dancing and don’t mind dancing alone, especially during a festival when everybody is there to have a good time.  The DJs were great and played all types of different music.  None of them were big names and at least to me, they were unknown.  Actually, I had no clue who most of the artists were, but it was great music so I had an amazing time.

Friday night I arrived back to the hotel around 6:30am and slept pretty poorly until 10:30.  I didn’t eat much the night before and knew there was breakfast until 11, so I zombied down stairs and had an amazing breakfast. It was well worth it and featured an array of different foods; from jamon and Spanish tortilla to yogurt and granola (this isn’t eaten in Spain for breakfast, but it is by me).  Afterwards, I went back to sleep until about 1:30ish.

Saturday, just like Friday was a beautiful day (around 90F) and we started it off by meeting everyone at a Plaza for a free concert and then afterward ate lunch.  Fast forward a few hours and we were at the festival by 7:30pm.  On the walk there we drank a liter, went in and went to one of the stages.  After some time we switched to a different stage and then after more time I decided to go to the DJ stage.  While I was enjoying the bands, the other stage was smaller and a more fun and intimate experience.  It was a different atmosphere and a different feel that’s hard to explain.  In the festival drinks were really expensive, so I would leave and grab a liter from one of the shops outside, drink it outside and then go back in.  There were a lot of people doing this and the cops didn’t mind.  During all of this I of course lost the others and didn’t end up seeing them the rest of the night.  Again, I made it back to the hotel at around 6:30 and repeated my routine from the previous day, but this time I couldn’t go back to sleep because we had to check out.

The artists that were there were a mixture of Spanish and international, these are some of them:

Morrissey, 2manydjs DJ set, The National, Metronomy, Dorian, Digitatlism, Klangarussell (I have heard of them before), Glass Animals, Temples, Lori Meyers, Super Discount 3, Years & Years (I have heard of them before), The Vaccines, Djs From Mars and many others I didn’t know

Overall I think I spent 19 hours inside the festival and only about 4, if even that sitting and resting, the rest of the time was spent dancing.  My legs were exhausted by the end and they are still sore as I write this.


2 thoughts on “SOS 4.8 Music Fesitval

  1. Awesome! I would have went too… The Vaccines are great!


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