Hasta Luego Tomelloso

It’s been almost a month since I have left Tomelloso and I have been meaning to write something about my experience there.  I arrived in September not knowing anybody and not knowing anything about the place the I would live and work in until June.  Looking back on it all i couldn’t be happier with my placement and my time there.  It wasn’t without difficulties and at times it was like an emotional roller coaster; I’d get sad for no other reason than missing home.  However, it helped that I was surrounded by amazing people and friends that made me feel as if I was part of a family.

As for the teaching part, it was an incredible experience.  My time at Santo Tomas was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I couldn’t have been places in a better school as a first year teacher in Spain; the teaching staff was amazing and the students were incredible.  I have tons of memories to look back on, like, Dia de Joe (really Europe day); and hands that will be forever sore from the thousands of high fives I gave.   I can now say I know what it’s like to be a celebrity because that’s how I felt.  My life in Tomelloso was great and it’s because of Santo Tomas.  I could never repay the generosity and kindness that was shown toward me; there is and will always be room reserved in my heart for the school and for everybody in it.


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