A New Year a New Place

After having an amazing summer and doing many things with my friends and family it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure.  In a week I’ll be returning to Spain to teach English in a city in the south, called Jerez de la Frontera.

This summer has been amazing; being home makes me realize how much I love and need my friends and family and how nice it is to be in a place that’s so familiar and that will always be  my home.  Adjusting to life back home wasn’t easy and now that I’m comfortable it’ll be hard to leave; adjusting to life back in Spain will be even more difficult, since I will be living in a new city with a language slightly different than what I’m use to.

The fun things I did this summer:

  1. I got to see Allie graduate from High School! (it was a surprise for her) and see her pre-prom.
  2. I saw a bunch of family I hadn’t seen in over a year during Allies graduation party.
  3. Boozy brunch with Jaclyn, my cousin Michael and his girlfriend Jordan.
  4. My friend Christine visited me at the beach, it was the first time I saw her after coming back
  5. 4th of July at my friend Dave’s (I hadn’t seen him yet) with my friends and sister.
  6. RVC fireworks at my friend Matt’s house and I got to see my friend Steve for the first time! they fireworks were the best ever.
  7. Saw Jurassic World (alone, nobody wanted to see it with me)
  8. Watched a lot of impractical jokers (my favorite show) with Jaclyn and Allie.
  9. Went to my Aunts house for my little cousin’s 3rd birthday party.
  10. Wine tour out east for my friends birthday with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen yet.
  11. Spent time with my dad and watched movies (The Dark Knight trilogy and Mad Max: Fury Road.)
  12. Saw two friends from Spain who were visiting New York for the first time.
  13. The Brooklyn Brewery, for the second summer! also my two friends from Spain were able to join us (they were leaving the next day).
  14. Lifeguard men’s dinner at a Portuguese steak house, all you can eat (with amazing food) and drink.
  15. All you can eat sushi with Jaclyn and my friends! (when I was in Spain she mentioned she did one, so it was something we wanted to do when I got back).
  16. Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean with my friend Richie.
  17. Played a lot of super smash brothers 64 (my favorite game) with Ian and Richie.

Tomorrow I am going upstate to see my family and my grandma who I haven’t seen in almost two years and then I’m going down to Maryland with my family to help Allie move in to University of Maryland.  It’s been a great summer and I’m glad I was able to do the things I did with the people I did them with. It’s difficult to get everybody together; everybody is in different places doing different things and since I lifeguard; I only get one day off.  The times we were able to spend together and the times spent with my family is what i’ll miss the most.

A new year, a new place, but i’ll be back.



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