Beer, Beach and Paintball

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for a week now, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  I have been exceptionally busy, but I had to get my computer fixed and I’ve been concentrating on getting music I lost on to it and downloading new music.  Anyway.

Two weekends ago I had a really awesome weekend.  I got to go swimming in the ocean in November, I went paintballing and treated my tastebuds to new beer at a craft brewery a friend found.  The past two weekends have been incredibly beautiful. A friend of mine (Jose) has a car so he offered to drive to the beach.  Since we were all out late Friday we didn’t leave until about 4, so we made it to the beach at around 4:30; luckily it was still nice and sunny.  Once there we had the beach and the water to ourselves; we bravely decided to go into the water.  It surprisingly wasn’t that cold and the waves were fun to bod surf.  Eventually it started to feel as if we were doing the polar bear plunge so we got out and just chilled.  One of my friends is Argentinian and an Argentinian never goes anywhere without mate; so we drank mate and watched the sunset.


At some point that week my friend was walking home  when he stumbled upon a small craft  brewery.  Later that night we decided to check it out.  Now if you know anything about Spain, this is a huge deal.  It is a country that loves wine and has very few variations in beer.  Aside from its 4 or 5 major beer companies it’s near impossible to find a bar with any type of variety.  Obviously, in the stores you can buy German or Belgium beer, but going out, it’s always the same.  Even rarer, is, this craft brewery is in the heart of a city renowned for a specific type of wine called sherry or vino de Jerez.  Jerez has two foundations, one is Flamenco and the other is Sherry wine.     The brewery is small and consists of 4 copper tubes in a room.  There’s also another room which is the tasting room, but  looks more like a Dentist office- white walls, with obnoxiously bright lights, white tables and white stools.  It is operated by a Spanish man who lived in Germany for 16 years and went to school their for brewing. I guess he didn’t pick up and beer hall inspiration.  Why he decided to open up a place here, I don’t know but I am grateful he did.  They have 11 different styles of beer ranging from light to dark.  We did a sampler where we got to try three.  They were great.  I’m still waiting on a thank you note from my tastebuds for those gifts that I gave them.

I also went paintballing for the first time in over ten years.  I had only gone once before; I went with my dad a friend and his dad and maybe one or two more friends for one of my birthdays. Jose had planned to do it with a bunch of people he knew, so he invited me and another one of my friends.  All in all we had 14 people and played 7 on 7 games.  It was outside on this course.  All the barriers and obstacles were constructed of wood with little shelters scattered throughout the course.  It was a perfect day for paintballing, super sunny; maybe even a little too sunny.  I wore jeans because I didn’t want my legs to get shot up and I was dying inside the mask.  Overall we had a ton of fun.  My team won every game, of course.  All those years playing Call of Duty and Counter-Strike payed off.  I don’t know why I haven’t done it more often; it’s so fun! running from barrier to barrier hoping not to get shot you experience such a brief moment of terror, it’s funny.  Sometimes it gets interrupted by a few moments of pain and that’s when you know, you’re out.  I can’t wait to do it again.



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