An Unexpected Journey

Little did I know that 5 months ago I’d be on my way from journeymanjoe to afrojoe.  I never would have thought that my hair would grow into an afro, nor did I think it was curly.  When I was younger I had curly hair, but since then I have never given it a chance; I had no reason to believe it had retained that magnificent quality about it.  I also never knew how my hair would grow if I grew it out; middle school haircuts consisted of buzzing the sides and getting scissors on top until I eventually graduated to a buzzcut-either a number 2 or 3; however I had reason to believe that it would puff out because my dads is similar in nature; we both have very dense hair (denser than Trump supporters).

I never expected to grow my hair this long; I said I was going to cut it at the beginning of February during Carnival; it’s now the beginning of March and it’s been a constant internal  battle on when I will cut it next; I’m constantly making mental dates on when it will go: after this weekend….the weekend before Semana Santa…maybe the week after Semana Santa; so far the hair has clearly won and its won on all fronts; this is also the longest I’ve had any type of facial hair.  Each day brings the excitement of uncharted territory, an unknown place neither me nor my hair has been.  How can I let that go? The thrill of something new.

Note: My hair only looks like it does in the picture when I fan it out to create that effect


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