The Jellyfishbowl Tagger

Somebody, man or women, adult or teenager, has gone around the center of Jerez spray painting a jellyfish inside a fishbowl or a beer glass; they have no remorse for  their canvas as it can be found on anything, anywhere.  I first started noticing them a couple of months ago, a little while after I noticed another and then another,  I kept noticing them, wherever I walked and went there always seemed to be a jellyfish sitting in a bowl around the corner.  I asked my friends if they had seen them, they hadn’t; it wasn’t until I started pointing them out to them, now they can´t stop; at first it was just a game, but now it has evolved into an addiction; like a drug addict I yearn for the discovery of a new jellyfishbowl tag feeling empty if I don’t find one

IMG_9405 (2)

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*Disclaimer: I don’t actually feel how I wrote above, I happen to notice them because when I walk I’m pretty observant (most of the time) of everything and they started sticking out at me, also my friends actually get annoyed when I point them out.


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