Another Summer In The Books

Coming home for the summer is always great being able to see friends and family I haven’t seen in a long time; adjusting may not always be easy and may take some time, but that doesn’t stop activities and fun things from being done.  I like to keep track of these activities to remember them for the future.  As I get ready to leave later today, here have been the highlights of another great summer:

  • All you can eat sushi in the city with Jaclyn and friends
  • Lumineers concert with Jaclyn at Prospect Park
  • Rascal Flats concert at Jones Beach with my Mom, Jaclyn and Richie
  • My first Jimmy Buffet tailgate! with my Mom her sisters and friends. They’ve been going almost every year for the last 6 or 7 years, my sister went last summer and talked about how fun it was. (deserves its own blog post, but I didn’t feel like writing it)
  • DC! With Steve to see Kendall I hadn’t seen since graduating college
  • Ate Thai food! Louisiana Joes, The Meatball Shop, Rockaway tacos, GM with the parents, Peter Lugars, Pres195, and some other restaurants. In terms of variety in food Spain lacks, and throughout the year facetiming with friends and family I hear about new places to try or places I loved to eat at, so when I come home I always have a list of places I want to try or types of food I crave.  Louisiana Joes was a place my Dad mentioned 3 or 4 times talking about home much he loved it and Thai food is something you can’t get where I live.
  • Saw and walked on the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time! With my friend Louise who was visiting the US and traveling around
  • Saw Jaclyn’s apartment and new Vice office. While in Spain she moved out of the house to an apartment in Brooklyn and Vice moved offices, seeing these two things were at the top of my list of things to do.
  • Went to the world Trade Center memorial, museum and to the top of One World Trade Center with Richie, his brothers and sister and his cousin visiting from Spain
  • RVC Fireworks!
  • Went bowling for the first time in years with Ian
  • A bunch of bike rides with Richie and Tonno and attempted to fish one of those days
  • Saw Finding Dory with the family
  • More mario party than the last few years combined!
  • Watched the Olympics almost every night it was on and during the day when I had off
  • Went to the Nautical Mile for fish and beer with my parents
  • My last night had a glass of Johnny Walker Blue with my dad. He got a bottle last Christmas and I have been asking him all summer when he was going to invite me to one
  • Celebrated my 25 birthday with my sister and friends! It was the first birthday I was home for in over two years
  • Last, but not least and definitely more somber than any one of the aforementioned activities, I attended my grandma’s funeral. She passed away a day after my birthday and a day before I was suppose to leave for Spain.  I rescheduled my flight so I could be with family and attend the funeral.  It was great being around all my family, it was the first time we have all been together since my cousins wedding 4 years ago; but unfortunately we would have all preferred a different circumstance.  She will be forever missed and always in our memories and hearts.FullSizeRender.jpgLove you always Nanny!

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