Exploring an Abandoned Hotel with Tim

The Palmera Plaza

I have been walking past the Palmera Plaza hotel everyday on my way to and from school since September of last year.  Since then, I have watched it slowly degrade from a 5 star hotel to a post-apocalyptic structure that’s seen too many visitors.  The first time I noticed a change was when some of the planter pots out front were turned over and never turned back up, a while later I noticed on the building facing the street that some of the glass windows were broken, day by day more were, until finally the glass ceased to exist; the glass roof of that same building was met with the same fate; the ornate iron chandelier rested on the floor until it recently disappeared all together;  the front door which was once shut, now loosely hangs open.

The closing and degradation of the Palmera Plazas happened so fast people who didn’t normally pass didn’t have a clue.  When I first noticed it was obviously closed I asked people what happened, only to be met with blank stares and responses that included nothing, what do you mean what happened to it.

The hotel first opened in 2002, situated next to the famous Equestrian School, the Bodega Sandeman and a 10 minute walk from the center it was in a prime location to succeed.  However even with its 5 stars it couldn’t avert the crisis that would hit Spain some years later.  In 2013 it closed due to economic problems, some 9.3 million was put back into it with the hopes of revitalizing its former glory, only to have it close 6 months later and fall into its current state of disrepair.  Its only visitors are urban explorers and vandals.

I can’t say I’ve explored many abandoned places, but I’ve always been fascinated by them.  With glass crunching under our feet and debris scattered everywhere it was like walking through a post-apocalyptic ruin.  Here is what it looked like:




2 thoughts on “Exploring an Abandoned Hotel with Tim

  1. Crazy! I want to check this out with group, a few thermoses of (alcoholic) hot drinks and tell spooky stories!


    1. haha, we brought a bottle of fino with plans to drink it there, but as it started getting dark we got a little scared


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