In September my grandma died, we lost her to old age and as sad as it was, grandparents are suppose to die at an old age, it’s expected and at a certain point every birthday they live past is a blessing, but aunts aren’t suppose to die at a young one.
Cancer is a strange illness
Up until two years ago, I’ve heard countless stories of it taking loved ones, of friends and even animals. The pain and sorrow those people go through, watching their loved ones get weaker and weaker until the inevitable eventually happens; the suffering that comes after and the loss where there was was once a bright light, now an empty hole is impossible to imagine until it happens to you.
While it’s a world I’d prefer to not be a part of I’ve joined millions of people who have lost someone to cancer. It’s a funny thing because almost to the end you hold onto hope, you think, she’s going to beat it or the treatments are going work. Yet at the same time, long before that you accept the inevitable fate that’s befallen so many others. Almost to the end hope is there.
When it comes down to that end, everything else seems trivial when someone you love is going through unimaginable pain, when your family is suffering. They say death brings people closer and it’s true, a connected sorrow and anguish that is equally shared and felt by all. Life won’t be the same without you Roberta, you will be forever missed, always remembered and never forgotten. The impact you’ve made on all our lives will remain with us until our end, and passed down to those who will not have the chance to have known you.

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  1. As you said, I’m also part of those millions of people who have lost someone to cancer. Hope is there to help everybody in the hard fight. But some people win the battle or, even, the war. Many don’t. As I know how you are, and being her nephew, I can imagine how a special person she was. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.


    1. Thank you Javier I appreciate your kind words and I’m sorry that it has happened to your family as well

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