The Most Difficult Puzzle

Figuring out the Korean trash system. Korea has the most complicated, strict, impossible to get right trash throw away system. It’s been almost three months and I have yet to figure it out.

Everything has its own pile, you need to use the right bags and the apartment block workers are always there sorting it out, so I could never sneak in my garbage.  I try to only go at night so nobody can see me put things in their incorrect places. Other times I go and it’s been cleaned out making it impossible for me to intuitively place things based on what’s already there since nothing is there!

Today when I went, the apartment guy was there and I put my pizza boxes in the cardboard box pile, while I was flattening them the plastic thing came out, he picked it up and put it in a bag of small plastic things, I then got nervous because I had hot sauce wrappers and the pizza box ribbon inside, so I took them out while he was hovering over me unsure where to put them, he put them in another bag with no markings; I put my egg crate on the other egg crates with the plastic top because last time I was there the guy told me to leave it, this time however the guy(a different one) moved it into a bag of plastic stuff different from the other one; the wine bottle was okay to be put along with the other glass bottles, but I didn’t know this, so I held it up to him and he showed me. I thought it’d be different; the plastic cooking bottles were okay to be put with the plastic water bottles, except one of them which he moved somewhere else. I didn’t see where he put it because he disappeared into the little hut thing. I found out the normal black plastic bag I’ve been using for the bathroom needs to be put in the special blue garbage bags,  i’ve been throwing them on the pile because I thought it was okay. They probably knew it was me every time there was a black plastic bag sitting amongst blue ones. Apparently contact cases need to put somewhere else because when he saw one in my garbage he took it out and placed it on the floor. I don’t think that’s the proper place and if I started leaving my contact cases on the floor they’d probably evict me. There’s probably a ton of other things I’m putting in places where they shouldn’t be and it’s only a matter of time before I slowly get caught for all of them.

2 thoughts on “The Most Difficult Puzzle

  1. What an ecological nightmare, dude! You’ll probably need one (or a dozen) garbage training course, LOL!


    1. I think I’ve almost finally got the hang of it!


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